Dipping My Toe into the Blogging World

5 Nov

Hello bloggy world! Actually, I should really just say hi to my friends and family, since that’s who will be reading. It’s my first post, but I’m not quite sure what to say without photos. More to come…once I get more organized.

You might be thinking, “Seriously? Another DIY home improvement blog?” Yes, I know, they’re a dime a dozen. I SHOULD know because I follow a lot of them. However, this blog is mainly my way to organize my home improvement projects for my friends and family to see. I’m always repainting, redecorating and repurposing…and this is just a much easier way for me to explain to people what I’m doing lately without having to share low resolution phone photos or drag my digital camera around with me.

I’ve finished quite a few home projects over the last year or so, we’re closing in on the end of a pretty major bathroom renovation, and I have a lot or projects in the hopper…so there’s a lot to tell. Thanks for reading!


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