Bathroom Reveal Part 2

11 Dec

Greetings again! Here is the follow up to this post (bathroom reveal part 1 – before and during). I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and note a few things here and there.

The picture below is what you see from the family room. We actually finished off this hallway area, as well (all those deets will come in another post). To recap, this is a small bathroom – only about 8’x8′ – so we didn’t have a lot of square footage to work with. However, I still wanted to do what I could to make it as lovely and spa-like as possible.

We chose a clear glass shower to keep things open and airy in there. The glass was the single largest cost of the bathroom, but really a focal point.


Before and after:




We decided on a large mirror that covered most of the width of the wall – again, to make the room look bigger. The vessel sink is a pretty fun part of the bathroom, but this purchase was actually partly for function, and partly for form. This bathroom has no storage…not a linen closet or drawer or anything. So, we decided against a pedestal sink because we needed every extra bit of storage we could get. Also, we only had about 20″ to work with as far as space for a vanity, and this ended up being one of the most narrow ones we could find. Luckily, it looks pretty cool!

IMG_0562The picture below gives shows a few different things that we chose in order to give it that spa feel. I wanted a very soft green paint. This color is Morning Zen by Valspar. How fitting! 🙂 I also wanted towel hooks instead of a towel bar, just for something different and because I liked the look of it. It was hard to find exactly what I wanted, so I made my own! (I’ll cover than in a different post) I will be doing something similar for a hand towel hook. I also made the little curtain out of some sheer white fabric. IMG_0547

Here is a better shot of the shower floor. I was recently in the steam room of a spa that had walls in this same style of stone. I felt very validated. 🙂 People ask if it’s uncomfortable to stand on, and it’s not. It feels kinda like a massage for the feet.


Ryan also put the same stone in the back of the shower niche where we put shampoo and conditioner, etc. Also, we decided on a rainfall shower head that comes down from the ceiling to prevent the water from spraying out the door onto the floor before the door was closed (which would have been a problem if the shower head came out of the wall).


Here is a better shot of the completed bamboo ceiling.


Here’s a before and after of that lovely hole…



So folks, there you have it. Our downstairs bathroom, almost completely finished by a couple of fairly new DIYers. We had the following outsourced: plumbing, tape and texture of the walls, and installation of the shower glass.

Love can’t quite describe how we’re feeling about our new bathroom…it’s more like….lurrrve.


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