What is a Giraffe Bench?

25 Jan

I work with a great fun group of people who are always gracious about listening to me blather on about what projects I’m working on. Awhile back, my co-worker, Kelly, commented that she felt bad because my projects always turn out well and sometimes hers don’t. Au contraire, my friend! I then told her about this project, and it made her feel better.

What’s a giraffe bench? This is a giraffe bench – aka, project fail. After all, this blog is about the successes and failures of my DIY projects. Last fall, I had the fantastic idea to make a bench for the end of the bed of one of our guest bedrooms. I found the perfect piece of scrap wood in our garage, bought some unfinished legs from Menards, and some thick foam and batting from JoAnn Fabrics. That’s all I would need for the perfect little bench! I’m so smart sometimes…that was what I thought when I started the project, anyway. 🙂

It was simple really. I just cut the foam to size and added it to the top of the wood.


Then, I added the batting to smooth everything out, and stapled it to the bottom of the board.


I found some fabric also at JoAnn’s and stapled it to the bottom like I did the batting.


I covered up the rough edges with another piece of fabric, just to make things look nice and finished. Plans? I didn’t need no stinking plans. This was going great!


To make sure that the bench was nice and sturdy, I added these metal plate thingies to screw the legs into. I don’t know what they’re called, but I did know that I was super smart for thinking of this.



Last step! I screwed in the legs that I had stained dark walnut. Eeee! (that’s how excited I was to turn the bench over and see my final product)


…and here it is. When my husband walked in to see it, he laughed. I immediately cracked up as well and said, “It looks like a giraffe!” It looked like it was going to topple over at any moment.


Maia is very unsure of it. She’s thinking, “It’s so far down!”


It is seriously tall – so tall that I can barely even sit on it. Not only that, but it wasn’t anywhere near sturdy like I had expected! Don’t be fooled by my smile. This project was a fail with a capital F! There was no way I was going to let anyone sit on this bench.


Poor little giraffe bench…we have gotten many good laughs at its expense. Luckily, I had not invested much time or money into it, and I’ve already disassembled the whole thing.

The main lesson learned? Test out things – legs, in this case – before you go to the effort of staining and varnishing them. I clearly bought legs that were suited for a table, not a bench, and it never crossed my mind to test them out before the very end. Doh!

That’s my only project fail. Kidding! I’m totally kidding. How could I forget my awesome idea for a wall-mounted jewelry box. It’s neither mounted on the wall, nor holding any jewelry. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you…what’s your “giraffe bench”?


4 Responses to “What is a Giraffe Bench?”

  1. Stevie Hardi January 30, 2013 at 4:30 am #

    Sarah this post is hilarious!! Can’t wait to hear about more of your projects!


    • Sarah Rixen January 30, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

      Thank you! Some of my “great ideas” have turned out to be really laughable. 🙂 Thanks for reading! – S

  2. yahoo.com February 28, 2013 at 11:20 pm #

    What exactly seriously encouraged you to write Patio Door Blinds “What
    is a Giraffe Bench? | Rixen It Up!”? I actuallyseriously enjoyed reading the blog post!
    I appreciate it ,Margherita

    • Sarah Rixen March 11, 2013 at 2:57 am #

      I thought it was a funny story about a DIY fail. 🙂 Not all things turn out like I imagine them in my head. Thanks for reading!

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