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Easy Footstool Update

17 Apr

My aunt, Joellyn, had a couple of old footstools that were pretty worse for wear. She asked me if I could recover them for her, and I said, “Of course,” of course!


You can see in the photo above that they were not only faded, but there were holes in the larger one! It was definitely time to give them some new life. First things first, of course – the dirty work. I had to rip off the covers and the padding on both stools and get all the way down to the bare bones. Here’s what I was left with:


Joellyn basically told me I could cover them in whatever fabric I wanted – yikes! I was a bit paralyzed by all the fabric options, but I finally settled on this rust, gray and brown fabric that had just enough of a pattern to make me happy.


You can see in the photo below (as I was deconstructing) that the larger stool had a sort of cover for the rough edges on the underside. I knew I wanted to do the same thing with the new covering, but the fabric was over $20/yard (even on sale – eek!), so I kept the yardage down by purchasing a less expensive dark brown for the underside.


Next, I cut my batting. I used two layers the exact size of the top, then a third layer to wrap around the edges and attach on the bottom. This worked really well because I wanted the top to have a bit of cushion, but three layers wrapped around the edge creates way too much bulk.


I stapled it and trimmed the edges.  IMG_1065

Next, I stretched the fabric over the top and stapled that about an inch and a half from the edge (so the brown would cover those staples).IMG_1067

Again, I trimmed the edges of the fabric: IMG_1068

Looks pretty straight to me so far. I did have to pull out about half the staples and adjust it at one point, so that wasn’t awesome. It’s harder than it looks to get it straight!


Next, I used the old underside cover as a template to cut the brown fabric. I was planning to fold the rough edges under, so I cut about an inch larger than what would be the final size:IMG_1069

I didn’t do exact measuring at this point. I just folded the fabric under as I went along, stapling the four edges first.



The white marks showed where I needed to screw in the plates again. The staples don’t look so great, but they were actually temporary.IMG_1072

I used black tacks and added one about every one inch (so many tacks!) then removed the staples.


I did pretty much the same thing with the smaller stool, but the legs weren’t removable so I ended up simply folding it under and stapling the edges (the old fabric was attached this way, as well).


Here’s a reminder of how they looked before (so you don’t have to scroll back up):


The finished products! Well Jo, this is the first time you’ll be seeing your new (old) footstools…what do you think? 🙂