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Kaetlyn’s Tiffany Blue Dresser

1 May

I love doing projects for others when I have the opportunity. So when my friend Kathy said she had an old dresser and mirror from her childhood that she wanted refreshed for her young daughter Kaetlyn, of course I said yes! Here it is in her previous 70’s/80’s glory:


I went over to see Kaetlyn’s room so I could figure out what color to paint it. She had this whole “riding stables” theme with bright pink, green and just a small hint of sky blue, so I decided to pull out the sky blue color so as to not overwhelm the room with pink or have a crazy bright green going on. Plus, I’ve always wanted to paint a dresser Tiffany blue.

First things first – the boring stuff. I removed the drawers and wiped everything down. I sanded the top a bit just to roughen up the laminate. Then I added a bit of white caulk to some of the seams on the sides of the dresser. It was a small detail, but it makes everything look more solid.

Next, I primed everything using two coats of Olympic no-VOC primer.


Now the fun begins! I painted it a soft, light blue (Surfer Wave in semi-gloss Olympic no-VOC from Lowe’s) with white trim. Choosing my paint color is never an easy process (I don’t know how many times I’ve asked my husband which color he likes more, only to have him tell me they look exactly the same.)


I also decided to keep the original handles and just gave them a fresh coat of spray primer and paint.


After lots of taping to get the nice, straight white accents, here is the finished product! IMG_0819

I did put two coats of polycrylic over the entire dresser to give it that extra-durable finish (to hold up against wear and tear). This is probably the most intricate painting I’ve done on a piece of furniture, but it turned out so sweet and it looks adorable in Kaetlyn’s room!

528495_4601592486404_1022169938_n 150453_4601592446403_2014671101_n

Thank you, Kathy and Kaetlyn for letting me have some fun with this project!

If you noticed the wall of bows on the wall, they are handmade by Kathy! If you’re interested in seeing more, just shoot me a message ( and I’ll put you in contact with her.