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Coffee Table-Turned-Bench

8 Jul

Back before I made this coffee table, this is what we were using for our coffee table in the living room. It’s your standard mission-style coffee table that I’ve owned for maybe 10 years or so. I wasn’t really crazy about the finish anymore (too reddish-orange), but I ran across a great idea on Pinterest to turn it into an enclosed bench. Bingo!


First, I flipped it over and unscrewed the top. I had originally put it together, so I knew it wasn’t too hard to take apart.



Next, I added two 1.5″ hinges to the corners of the table.



My plan was to paint the bottom white and add an upholstered cushion to the top. I purchased two sheets of white wainscoting (about $10 each) which would be enough to cover the four edges. With a little measuring and a lot of help from Ryan, we got the wainscoting cut to size.


I glued the wainscoting to the table for extra stability, then used our air nailgun to attach it further. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to fall apart.


Quick…name the movie in the background…:)


I put a bead of white, paintable caulk in the corners to make sure it looked seamless.


Then,  primed and painted the legs and the wainscoting, even though it was already white. I just wanted to make sure the finishes were the same.DSC_0472

Next, I added 2″ foam to the top, and covered that with a layer of batting to smooth it all out.



I simply attached the batting by putting a thin line of hot glue just to make sure it stayed in place for when I stapled the fabric to the underside (I didn’t want a ridiculous amount of staples).

After some tucking and folding to get the fabric around the corners, we’re done! I just added a couple of pillows to make it feel like more of a window seat. Step by step, it was pretty easy to do.

After 4

 And I LOVE the extra storage for throw pillows and blankets…After 5

I have an extra matching side table that I’m making into another storage bench, but without the padded cover (it’s just going in a closet). I was driving by a rummage sale and spotted a similar-looking coffee table, and as tempting as it was to pick it up and make another to sell…I have too many other projects waiting for me. So, if you run across a second-hand mission-style coffee table, pick it up and try your own! Thanks for reading, and of course here’s another before/after with which to leave you…