Our Gender-Neutral Nursery

8 Oct

Greetings! After another extended break from posting, I’m back and rarin’ to go. The break was for various reasons, most of which involved home improvements that are too boring to blog about. We recarpeted our house (four bedrooms, stairs and the basement), and while our old carpet was out Ryan was busy with repairs, and I was busy repainting walls and finishing painting all the trim, doors and closet doors in our house white. Roughly seven months pregnant at the time, it became a tad overwhelming and completely all-consuming for both of us. Plus, for awhile our living room looked like an episode of Hoarders:


So, now that the fiasco of new carpet is over, I’ve had a chance to finally get the nursery done. For those of you who don’t know, Ryan and I are expecting a baby this month, and we opted to not find out the gender. We’ve been having fun wondering and guessing whether a boy or girl has been kicking the heck out of my ribs! Of course, not knowing the gender makes a gender-neutral nursery necessary for us. However, even if I did know what I was having, I probably would lean toward neutral colors anyway – I just prefer it that way.

I have been thinking and planning for quite awhile what I wanted to do for colors, décor, etc., so it had all been planned out by the time I got down to the actual work. The room that is now the nursery was previously a room that wasn’t being used for much except my sewing desk, rocking chair and dresser. I painted it a very light greenish-blue a year or so ago with the intent that whenever we did have a baby, this would be the room color. So I didn’t have to repaint – yay! Here are a few befores (prior to the rocking chair redo which is why it’s missing from these pics):




And without further ado, here are some afters:






You can see there’s not really a theme to this room (also something I wanted to avoid), but a slight theme did emerge over the course of gathering decor…leaves, trees, owls. Since our carpet is sort of cappuccino colored and the crib is dark brown, I wanted to keep everything very light and airy with regards to the walls and curtains and bring in some stronger colors (like the greens, reds and oranges) as accents.

Here is a rundown of everything (some of which will be future “how we did this” blog posts):

  • Paint – “Morning Fog” by Olympic
  • Leaf mobile – made myself (future blog post)
  • Mirror – spray painted yellow (you can see the “before” – it was gold – in the before photos above)
  • Curtains – sewed myself
  • Storage ottoman – purchased on clearance from Target; reupholstered myself (future blog post)
  • Owl paintings – purchased from TJ Maxx
  • Green antique window with banner – Window came from flea market, and the banner I made myself (future blog post)
  • Tree wall hanging – purchased from Kohls
  • Crib – hand-me-down from my brother and sister-in-law (and restained with the same java gel stain used here) – thanks again Jason and Lezlee! 🙂
  • Chair – refinished myself (read about that here)
  • Dresser and side table – refinished myself (read about that here)

I still have a couple things to do, including adding a shelf near the crib for our new sound machine/projector (thanks to my friends!) and video monitor, as well as making a white crib skirt (I’m a sucker for hidden storage so I’d like to camouflage those baskets under the crib), so I’ll be tackling those over the next week or so and will include posts on how I did those.

So, stay tuned for more posts to come! As always, thanks for reading.


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